Amazon Yesterday Shipping: Just Shut Up and Take My Money!

No, grandma, YOU’RE silly! Of COURSE has yesterday shipping.  Excuse my grandma, everybody, she is a bit senile. She thinks that you have to order something before it can be shipped to you.  People say her mind began doing this after all that mold grew in her house.  I’m convinced it’s just all one big April Fools joke.  “But it isn’t April.” That’s what she WANTS you to think.  Hit the jump for proof that I’m right and my cooky old ancestor deserves to be put in a home to rot in the shame of my victory.

Somebody actually wasted valuable time and resources to make fun of arguably the most successful internet company in the history of internet companies.  They probably wasted their bosses time to make it.  Those turds… Oh well, at least there aren’t any more Charlie the Unicorn videos.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, my mom says it’s her turn to use the computer even though I told her I was busy doing important things.  She always has to pull that overused “Her house, her rules,” argument.  Psh.


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