7-11’s Guide to Remaining Classy in Today’s ‘Merica

7-11 Mashed Potato Slurpee Machine


In what will surely go down in history as the best day ever, 7 – 11 has officially announced their new mashed potato slurpee machine wonder to the world.  Not only that, but a marketing genius has already created stickers showcasing their groundbreaking combo meal of mashed potatoes and a drink.  “Wow, that must be wonderfully expensive.” It is.  At $2.00, this isn’t a meal your average homeless guy can afford.  You better be holding a steady job at the local car wash at minimum to be able to count yourself among those who can partake in this meal of kings.  Still not convinced?  Hit the jump for a video of the brown, runny goodness that will result from this machine.  And no, I don’t mean chocolate or muddy water.

Apparently, these things have been around in Singapore for a while.  Those guys must be the best secret keepers ever if they have been able to keep something like this under wraps with a thing like the internet around. “Not everyone lives on the internet like you do.”  Well maybe if you didn’t have a life you’d be able to!

SOURCE: Huffington Post


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