Nokia: “We still exist too!” *Slashes Price of Lumia 900* “Is that better? Hello?”


Nothing quite screams “I’m desperate!” like putting your already outdated cheap phone on sale for half the price, especially when the price was only $100 in the first place.  But that is exactly what Nokia did, in an effort to break that elusive “100 phones sold” barrier that almost all (read: none) other manufacturers face when releasing a new smartphone.  This news comes just weeks after Microsoft announced that their brand new phone (released on Easter of 2012) will not be getting an update when their new Windows 8 operating system releases in October.  Hit the jump for more info, as well as the reason that you should be excommunicated to Atlantis if you even consider purchasing this phone now.


(The Future of the Lumia 900, far left)

And it is a bleak future at that.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure the characters of Saw had a brighter future.

Face it, Nokia.  When it compares to other smartphones on the market, your Lumia has a hard time stacking up performance-wise in ANY category except for battery life (which actually holds a solid 30 – 35 hours of regular use…..yes, I’m speaking from experience….).  But with just single core processor, no NFC support and no upgrade path beyond Windows 7.8 (basically a UI upgrade), you will have a hard time taking anybodies hard earned cash, even if it is just $50 (which, in all fairness, would be better spent on a new video game or bubblegum).  On top of that, app support will be weak for the 7.8 market with developers wanting to take advantage of those shiny new multi-core processors that are being built into the new Win8 phones.  Good thing they slashed that price though….that makes it totally worth it….


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