Proof there is still good in this world: Grandma Gaming for Charity


Seen here boring everybody with old family pictures is gaming grandma, Kathleen Hankel.  She is a woman with literally, too much time on her hands.  For 30 hours straight, she sat at the same computer and played Solitaire.  Now, I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: How on earth did she go that long without watching the Price is Right?!  GOTTA GET ME SOME PLINKO!  Hit the jump for a whole lot of  “And this is my grandson spitting his peas back up.”  I could look at family photos all….day…..

It’s not exactly news to report that a grandma played solitaire, but when Kathleen Hankel played 30 straight hours of Solitaire Blitz, she made a bit of a splash. The 68-year old grandmother from New Jersey set a world record for the “Longest Video Game Marathon Playing a Card Game,” which is an incredibly specific description for a world record. Hankel’s efforts, along with a similar campaign by Laura Rich of London, managed to raise more than $93,000 dollars for Charity Water, an organization that strives to improve water access in the developing world.

 People paid this lady $93,000 just to play solitaire?! Heck, I could do something a lot more impressive than play solitaire for 30 hours.  “For the last time, being potty trained isn’t a talent.”  Dang it!  Well, I tried.


2 thoughts on “Proof there is still good in this world: Grandma Gaming for Charity

  1. Well played sir. I’m sure we could beat that record for $93k. I could pay off most of my student loans with that much cheddar.

  2. Clearly the girl in the white dress is watching something other than solitaire… Weird that she’s the only one who sees it.

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