Once Again, Nerds Prove They Do It Better

Nerd Maybes are Better Maybes

We’ve all heard the song echoing in the deep recesses of our worst nightmares.  We have all woken up in a sweat over how horrible life would be if the song was real, only to realize that it is real and life just might not be worth living.  You know who you are.  As usual, the nerds have stepped in to rescue the rest from the inevitable move to the insane asylum just to avoid ever hearing the phrase “Call me maybe” ever again.  They may not have changed much, but they did at least make it tolerable.  Now if they could just find the solution to being forced to clean up after myself by my wife.  I lost my last hiding spot when McDonalds kicked me out of the ball pit yesterday.  Good thing I’ve been secretly hoarding them one at a time for the last week.  “7 balls isn’t enough for a play pit.” No but they will go nicely with my new clown playroom my wife just finished for me!  Hit the jump for the worthwhile Star Wars parody.

Now, if I could just convince her to buy me that toy piano I’ve always wanted, I could finally ditch this xylophone and make some real music!


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