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Apple continues to surprise everyone.  It would seem that the legal system didn’t move quickly enough for Apple’s taste, so they decided to create their own in an attempt to move things along.  Their newly formed World Police Department drafted a letter at the whisper of a sale ban against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was being banned for being shaped like a rectangle.  The letter, shown below (which can be found on Scribd), basically says that everyone who sells their stock of this device is in league with the devil himself is a partner in the crime of making exact replicas of the iPad, and they must cease and desist all sales.  Hit the jump for the incriminating evidence and a lot of crying.


Re: Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., et al., United States District Court, Northern District of California, Case No. C-11-01846 (LHK)

Dear [recipient]:

We represent Apple Inc. in the above-referenced action.

We enclose a copy of the June 26 preliminary injunction ordered entered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in this case together with a copy of Apple’s U.S. Design Patent No. D504,889 (the ‘889 patent’). With the posting of the requisite bond, the order is now in effect.

The order provides as follows:

[T]he Court issues the following order enjoining the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from sale in the United States: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, Inc., its officers, directors, partners, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, subsidiaries, and those acting in concert with any of them, are enjoined from making, using, offering to sell, or selling within the United States, or importing into the United States, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer, and any product that is no more than colorably different from this specified product and embodies any design contained in U.S. Design Patent No. D504,889.

(emphasis added).

As the italicized language provides, the order applies not only to the named Samsung entities, but also to anyone “acting in concert” with them. Apple thus believes that the order extends to you because you may be selling, offering to sell, or importing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer.

Please comply with the order by ceasing immediately to engage in any of the specified acts (e.g., importing, offering to sell, or selling within the United States) in connection with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer and any product that is no more than colorably different from it and embodies the ‘889 patent’s design. At a minimum, Apple believes compliance with the Court’s order requires immediately removing for sale the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from all physical and online venues under your direction or control.

Please contact the undersigned if you have questions.




Anyone else read that and think of this?

Apple Troll


Have you ever seen a Galaxy Tab 10.1?  Yeah, I’m not sure the judges in these hearings have looked up from their iPhones long enough to look at it, at least not in the U.S.  Luckily, someone in Britain paid attention and said that you could not possibly mistake the two like Apple was claiming, stating that just looking at it, you could easily tell that the Tab was just plain not as cool.  Maybe not a very sophisticated reason, but it’s a start.


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